Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign

︎︎︎ Youtube

From 2020, we’ve found ourselves in the middle of world pandemic and we’re still a long way to go. Vaccines are our only hope to overcome this fight, and, together with Youtube and local health governments, we are proud to contribute to the cause and help ease the public’s doubts about the Covid-19 vaccination.

The brief:

Youtube asked us to collaborate and create a series of animations based on the most common questions people ask about the Covid-19 vaccine. Given the sensitivity of the subject, we worked closely with YouTube to figure out the best approach to clarify the biggest doubts people have about the vaccine, while encouraging and reinforcing the importance of getting vaccinated.

How we got there:

We opted for a character-driven narrative to help visualize real life people with honest questions about the Covid-19 vaccines. With the help of friendly characters living in a bubbly world, we were able to express how the vaccination and immunity process works, and show the public how it not only affects you, but everyone around you.
Our favourite part:

The pink hair girl’s attitude, just casually pushing the Covid-19 virus out of her life!


📺 Client: Youtube
💡 Agency: Youtube/AKQA

🎉 Creative Direction: Eugenio Orsi
📄 Script: Eugenio Orsi
👑 Head of production: Joana Gonçalves
🎬 Direction: Emanuele Colombo
✏️ Illustration: Federica Amico
🎥 Animation: Gabriele Calvi, Stefano Agabio, Emanuele Colombo
🔉 Sound Design: Wesley Slover

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