YouTube Doodles

︎︎︎ Google

Doodles are fun and surprising changes made to the Google logo to celebrate events, holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists.

The brief:
On a couple of occasions, we had the pleasure to work side by side with the Google design team to create some doodles for Youtube. In these three doodles, we celebrated the E3 week, the Youtube Rewind and the 2017 French elections.

How we got there:
We brought our strong character-animation game for these doodles, making them short and sweet with bouncy animations and smooth transitions.

Our favourite part:
Our characters dancing and having a blast!


🖥 Client: Google
💡 Agency: Google
🎉 Creative Direction: Jesse Lefkowitz, Dan Knapp

🎬 Direction and animation: Emanuele Colombo
🔉 Sound Design:

Antimatter Studio

Via Cesare Brivio 15, 20158,
Milan (MI), Italy
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