NSPCC Privacy Policy

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Data protection is crucial! Since 1884, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has been campaigning for child protection in the UK.

The brief:

We were honoured to produce a short animation to update their supporters about the data protection policies of the charity. In this director’s cut, we took our time to push forward character animation and enrich this little world populated by a semi-abstract cast.

How we got there:

Using this particular shape-based design for our characters allowed us to play more freely with digital animation and bring out the expressiveness of each situation.

Our favourite part:

The kid in the playground sliding like a pro.


👶 Client: NSPCC
💡 Agency: Fred and Eric

🎉 Creative Direction: Maggie Pigram
🎬 Direction: Emanuele Colombo
🎥 Animation: Emanuele Colombo, Stefano Meazza
🔉 Sound Design: Wesley Slover

Antimatter Studio

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Milan (MI), Italy
+39 339 85 21 598