ICL Rebrand

︎︎︎ Imperial College London

Imperial College London, a renowned institution shaping the future of education and innovation, embarked on a transformative journey with the esteemed design studio, Pentagram, to redefine its brand identity.

The brief:

With a legacy steeped in excellence and a vision for the future, Imperial College London approached us following the launch of their new brand identity. Their aim? To create a dynamic video presentation that would serve as a beacon of their refreshed identity, celebrating the collective efforts that have propelled them forward. Our task was clear: to craft a visual narrative that resonates universally, reflecting the diversity and impact of the institution.
How we got there:

Central to our approach was the challenge of encapsulating the essence of Imperial College London's brand evolution.  Our journey led us to emphasize motion design fundamentals, weaving together elements that honor the institution's rich heritage while embracing the forward-looking spirit of its new identity.
Our favourite part:

Animating alongside Pentagram? Talk about a wild ride! It's not every day you get to jazz up layouts from one of the top studios in the world! From start to finish, it was a blast weaving our magic into Imperial College London's brand story. Talk about a dream team match-up!


✒️ Client: Imperial College London
💡 Agency: Pentagram

🎉 Creative Direction: Eugenio Orsi
🎬 Direction and animation: Emanuele Colombo, Gabriele Calvi, Stefano Agabio
🔉 Sound Design: Wesley Slover

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