I am Intersex

︎︎︎ Buzzfeed 

ILGA Europe, an umbrella LGBTI non-profit, asked us to create a campaign video to raise awareness about human rights’ violations than can occur to intersex children. Our media partner for this project was BuzzFeed LGBTQ, one of the most successful global sources of news on the web.

The brief:

Given the sensitivity and importance of the subject, the script needed to be not only delicate and clear, but understandable to a wide audience. To help us with this task, we called Fifth Beat, a research and design studio that created a focus group with diverse people, ranging from different social and cultural backgrounds. From those insights, we were able to adjust and come up with a script that felt poetic, while remaining clear at the same time.
How we got there:

We wanted the video to be visually different from what we usually see, so we invested some time in creating a very specific look and feel for these characters. The monotone palette for the background, contrasted with the bright characters, allowed for the use of colour to distinguish intersex characters and reveal how our restricted views on gender don’t actually reflect reality.

Our favourite part:

The father that stops the intimidating doctor armed with a scalpel, hurray!

This video won the Rainbow Award for The Motion Awards 2020 by Motionographer, in its first year as a category for content specific to the LGBTQI community.


👔 Client: ILGA/Buzzfeed LBGTQ

🎬 Direction: Emanuele Colombo
📄 Script: Eugenio Orsi
✏️ Illustration: Giuliano Buttafuoco
🎥 Animation: Stefano Meazza, Giuliano Buttafuoco, Simone di Rocco, Emanuele Colombo
🔉 Sound Design: Daruma Audio

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