Gumball Temporary Channel

︎︎︎ Cartoon Network

The Amazing World of Gumball is a well known and beloved cartoon TV series that follows its protagonist Gumball and his best friend and adoptive brother, Darwin.

The brief:

Cartoon Network Italia had the great idea to create a temporary TV channel that transmits Gumball 24/7 for all the fans out there, so when they asked us if we were interested in helping shape the channel identity, we immediately said yes. The challenge was to create a brand exclusive to this TV channel revolving around Gumball, but with a contrasting visual to the series.

How did we get there:

After testing different compositions, we opted for a highly geometric design of the three main characters from the show: Gumball, Darwin and their father, Richard. After, we created a series of spots that would air in between and during the episodes. With these stylised characters, the animation itself had to emphasize the geometric shapes and the abstractness of each composition. We decided to match cut different parts of the character’s bodies, revealing their face at the end.

Our favourite part:

The bounciness of going up and down through the characters!


🚂 Client: Cartoon Network
🎉 Creative Direction: Filippo Giacomelli

🎬 Direction and animation: Emanuele Colombo
🔉 Sound Design: Daniele Prina

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