Don’t be a bully, loser

︎︎︎ The Bully Project

This story starts when a Youtuber with more than half a million subscribers invited all his followers to insult a 16 year old boy, whose only fault was to have criticised him in a private message. He didn’t even worry about the fact that this boy was affected by Asperger Syndrome, which was public information, as the kid had openly declared it in a touching video confession on his own Youtube channel, and bullied in the past for this same reason.

The brief:

We found this massive act of collective cyber-bullying so terrible that we decided to use our animation skills and do something useful. We teamed up with The Bully Project, making this video available for free to every anti-bullying association that is interested in using it.
How we got there:

We decided to create a high school environment since so many teenagers suffer from cyberbullying. With the help of quirky characters and movie monsters, we tried to build and share a story that would resonate with young and old, proving that bullying and violence is never the answer.

Our favourite part:

The bully monster getting blown up to pieces!

This video won a Motion Award (2019) by Motionographer in the Best Social Project category.


🧑‍🦰 Client: The Bully Project
🎉 Creative Direction: Lee Hirsch

📄 Script: Dieter Dieswarte
🎬 Direction and animation: Emanuele Colombo
🔉 Sound Design: Wesley Slover

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