Slingin’ Searches with the Countour Voice Remote

︎︎︎ Cox

Together with Le Cube and creative director Colin Hesterly, we brought to life an animated film for Cox, with a touch of western scenery and lots of cinematic tension.

The brief:

In this 2D character-driven story, we got to showcase how you can pick your favorite shows and films with the Cox voice-activated remote. 

How did we get there:

We worked on traditional animation for our two main characters, creating nice fluid movements and setting a western cinematic environment. The goal here was to create a fun and charistmatic atmoshpere that could summon up some movie scenes from western classics.

Our favourite part:

The iconic finger movements!


📺 Client: Cox
🎬 Direction: Le Cube
🎉 Creative Direction: Colin Hesterly
👑 Head of Production: Angela Costantino, Mercedes Lauria, Sofía Arissian

✏️ Project Management: Emanuele Colombo, Joana Gonçalves
🎥 Animation: Alexandre Sousa, Andres Asperges, Monica Piardi, Marta Marzullo, Simone di Rocco

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