Be the hero in a child story

︎︎︎ Upbring

Let’s help a child find love. Thousands of American children are victims of child abuse. Upbring works to tackle this problem and ensure they have a happy ending, by providing these kids and their families innovative services, including foster care, adoption, education, and residential treatment.

The brief:

We were asked to create a video to share the story of  “AJ”, a child who benefits from the services and programs offered by Upbring, celebrating all the ways this organization empowers kids, families, and communities. The biggest challenge was accurately showing scenes depicting violence, without being too graphic.

To overcome this obstacle, we had to be persistent and figure out how to deal with the situation through subtle and skilful animation.

How did we get there:

Using traditional animation allowed us to give credibility and realism to the gestures of the characters, setting up an environment that revealed what was to come. When the scene came to its dramatic point, we decided to subtly move away from this point of view.

Our favourite part:

The social workers’ car rushing in to save our character.


❤️ Client: Upbring
💡 Agency: Emergent Order
🎉 Creative Direction: Marshall Walker Lee
📅 Producer: Michele Roi

🎬 Direction: Emanuele Colombo
✏️ Illustration: Emanuele Colombo, Simone Di Rocco
🎥 Animation: Emanuele Colombo, Simone Di Rocco, Giorgia Velluso
🔉 Sound Design: Daruma Audio

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