Azar Prestige Feature

︎︎︎ Azar

Azar is revolutionising the way people make new friends and communicate with others using technology powered by machine learning. With this app, you can discover people from around the world and create meaningful relationships with just a single swipe of your finger.

The brief:

We teamed up with Azar to create an animated video introducing their new Prestige feature, which allows you to stand out from the crowd and get new perks everywhere you go.
How did we get there:

For this video, we kept all the animation traditional and used it to reveal the transformation of our main character into the coolest of the coolest to get inside all the fancy clubs out there. This allowed our character to shine and take control of their story.

Our favourite part:

The incredible transformation of our character that, secretly, we all wish we had!


💬 Client: Azar
💡 Agency: Hyperconnect
🎉 Creative Direction: Minsoo Lee

🎬 Direction: Emanuele Colombo
🎥 Animation: Simone Di Rocco, Emanuele Colombo
🔉 Sound Design: Daruma Audio

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