What would you change?

︎︎︎ Change.org

Change.org is a platform for social campaigns active in over 100 countries. On Change.org, people from all over the world can launch petitions addressed to decision makers to reach their goals.

The brief:

After reaching 100 million subscribers, Change.org got in touch with us to create a celebratory video, with the intent of sending it to all of those who have helped them make an impact. The goal here was to find an universal and empowering story each of us could identify with, so we focused on creating a look and feel that would match the astonishing feat reached by the organization, with characters representing the full spectrum of identities and cultures of its supporters.

How we got there:

The main challenge here was to represent an abstract concept such as “change”. We quickly realized that no one is a better agent of social progress than a teenage girl who is committed to stand her ground. All we needed was a highly expressive young female character, so our focus quickly became reinforcing character animation. 
Our favourite part:

When our hero isn’t tall enough to stand on the stage, but her young age doesn’t prevent her to engage in high profile politics and she uses a stool to cheer for the crowd. 


✒️ Client: Change.org
💡 Agency: Latte Creative

🎉 Creative Direction: Eugenio Orsi
📄 Script: Michela Locati
🎬 Direction and animation: Emanuele Colombo
🔉 Sound Design: Wesley Slover

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